Protestors Obstruct ICE Employees from Getting to Work in D.C., Block Every Entrance

John Romero | July 17, 2019

The Holocaust is again being used to slander Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Holding signs bearing the phrase “Never Again,” around 1,000 protestors blocked entrances to ICE headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

Organized by Never Again Action, a Jewish organization, in conjunction with Movimiento Cosecha, a pro-illegal immigration group, the demonstration successfully prevented hundreds of ICE employees from getting to their jobs -- or from leaving the building.

From NBC News about the protests:

Singing songs in Hebrew and Spanish, a coalition of hundreds of activists, undocumented immigrants and immigrant justice activists marched from the National Mall in Washington to the headquarters of Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Tuesday, calling for the agency’s closure and the immediate legalization of all undocumented immigrants in the U.S...[The protesters] blocking the entrances and surrounding roads. Forming a human chain, the protesters said they were sending a message that they won’t accept 'business as usual' on immigration policy.

The protest lasted five hours, forcing ICE to send employees home early according to the Daily Beast.  

(Cover Photo: Twitter / Sophie Ellman-Golan)