Protesters of Officer Wilson Decision Invade a DC Wal-Mart.....Because.... Michael Brown...or Something.

danjoseph | November 25, 2014
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For some reason, directing their anger at the grand jury that did not indict Officer Darren Wilson - and bashing American police as racist killers - wasn't enough for those protesting  at a rally in Washington DC, Tuesday night.

At a rally intended to focus on the recent Ferguson decision, protesters decided that they were going to bust their way into a local Wal-Mart, as well, in order to protest what they see as unacceptable wages received by the company's workers.  

As you can see in this Vine, the protesters were promptly kicked out.  But, one could be forgiven for becoming confused as to what the rally was all about to begin with.

Seriously guys.  Just pick one thing to whine about and stick to it.

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