Protester Screams 'Trump is Treason!' and Throws Russian Flags Feet From the President

Nick Kangadis | October 24, 2017
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If there is one thing the “Impeach Trump” crowd is better at than anybody, it’s the ability to publicly make fools of themselves on a professional level.

Americans Take Action President Ryan Clayton was among those reporters waiting outside the Senate’s chamber for President Trump to come out of a meeting on Tuesday.

As Trump was walking by, mere feet away, Clayton loudly yelled, “Trump is treason!”

We’re not exactly sure what that means, but Clayton continued.

“Why are you talking about tax cuts when we should be talking about treason?!” Clayton shouted. “Why is Congress talking about tax cuts when they should be talking about treason?!”

Clayton said all of this while someone, possibly Clayton himself, threw mini Russian flags at Trump.

"Trump conspired with agents of the Russian government to steal an election," Clayton said before shamelessly publicizing who he is.

Here's the video:

If there was a known treasonous offense to talk about, the media would definitely be talking about it. But considering that there’s not, Clayton should stick to fundraising for his organization in order for him to protest a little more.

In Clayton’s bio on Huffington Post’s website, Clayton says that his top priority “is resisting the Trump regime, every day and every step of the way.”

Clayton, and others like him, only aspire to remove Trump from office no matter what he does. It wouldn’t matter to people like Clayton if Trump cured cancer. They’d find a way to denigrate it simply because it came from Trump.

Whether you agree or disagree with what Trump does while in office, this “impeach Trump for sneezing” mentality is getting old. Find a new schtick.

Update 4:33 p.m. EST: 

After managing to breach Capitol security to heckle President Trump, Clayton was escorted away from the area by Capitol police.

He was arrested and has been preliminarily charged with unlawful conduct.

The incident remains under investigation.

According to Fox News, “Clayton is known to disrupt events by presenting people with Russian flags. He was escorted out of the Capitol in July for asking senior White House adviser Jared Kushner to autograph a Russian flag.

“Clayton was also kicked out of the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference after he handed out Russian flags and some attendees began waving them at the speakers.”

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