‘Pronoun Punishment': Loudoun County Staff Training Materials Uncovered: Here's What's Inside

Jessica Kramer | April 11, 2022
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“What you see from Loudoun County public schools is complete sloppiness, vagueness - arbitrary policies that are going to ultimately probably lead to lawsuits,” Ian Prior, Executive Director of Fight For Schools tells MRCTV.




Loudoun County School District staff training materials have been obtained by the Fight for Schools organization, and they show that students of any age who intentionally don’t refer to another student by their chosen pronoun, will be subject to discipline.

“Look, if you have a 7-year old kid who is continually referring to another student by the wrong pronoun, they're saying, well, if it's intentional, it's a violation of the policy, which means they could be disciplined.

But think about it, if you're seven years old; one, you may not understand that. Two, they don't even specify what intent means. I mean, does it have to be malicious intent or is it just intent to speak the words? These are legal terminologies, general intent versus specific intent,” Prior tells MRCTV.

The instructions also inform school staff to avoid informing a transgender student's parents about their child's gender identity unless the student gives the school permission.

“It says is that the students confidentiality is paramount, meaning that they do not have to tell the parents that the student comes to school and identifies as a different gender.

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The student has the right to essentially block that information from going to the parent. So we're talking about grades K through 12. So whether it's six years old, 12 years old, 14 years old, parents don't have a right unless their student gives the school that right,” Prior explains.

For more details about what Fight For Schools discovered in the Loudoun County School Teacher Training material, watch the video above.

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