Progressive Media Drools Over Black QB Storyline For Super Bowl LVII

John Simmons | January 31, 2023
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Can we watch just one major sporting event without the media so desperate to focus on a racial storyline?

Apparently not.

Super Bowl LVII will feature the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, who were both the top seeds in their respective conferences. Both coaches -- the Chiefs Andy Reid and the Eagles Nick Siriani -- will be playing against a team that at one point in their careers let them go, so revenge is likely on their minds. It is also the first NFL title game where two brothers will face each other, featuring Eagles center Jason Kelce and his younger brother and Chiefs tight end, Travis.

But that’s not the storyline that the race-loving media is giving the most coverage. What they care about most is the fact that it is the first Super Bowl where the starting quarterback for each team is black.

Now, to be fair, this is kind of cool. I’m a sucker for out of the ordinary facts, and this one certainly caught my attention. Plus, it's going to be fun watching the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Eagles' Jalen Hurts slug it out with everything on the line.

But the obsession that left-wing media has with this storyline is overkill and embarrassing. It's not just always cringe-inducing Don Lemon. Yahoo Sports, AndscapeSports Illustrated, and CBS Sports all had featured articles on the “front pages” of their respective websites, making sure that anyone who searched them on the internet would have a high likelihood of seeing it.

The Andscape article went off the deep end in using sources that make it seem that this is some sort of “barrier” that black quarterbacks have finally overcome.

“I’ve got such a smile on my face right now, but I’ve got water in my eyes, too. I’m talking, but I don’t think I can even explain what this means,” former Washington Redskins quarterback Doug Williams said (in 1988, he was the first black quarterback to start a Super Bowl). We have come such a long way. It has been so hard, so many barriers, but we did it. Two Black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl!”

Andscape goes on to explain that the NFL at one point didn’t think black men were smart enough to play quarterback, and that Mahomes’ and Hurts’ accomplishment is a sign that blacks have put these fears to bed once and for all

However, the idea that black men have been somehow prevented from playing the quarterback position for most of the league’s history isn’t entirely true. The first black signal-caller was Marlin Briscoe in 1968, just eight years after the AFL-NFL merger. Since then, a host of black quarterbacks have made a lasting impact on the game with their exceptional play, including Williams, Steve McNair, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Russell Wilson … and now Mahomes and Hurts.

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But to imply that black quarterbacks are still getting over hurdles in today’s modern game is a poor assessment of the NFL. Twelve of the starting quarterbacks listed before the start of the 2022-2023 season were black, and many others got their chance to play as the season progressed.

If that’s the level of representation you have, and if the last “barrier” you need to overcome is having two black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl -- which is determined by cold competition and not by the league itself -- then I’d say you’ve achieved equality a long time ago. Furthermore, its high time to stop suggesting that someone's somehow still oppressed because of what happened in the past.

Other celebrities also celebrated the fact, with journalist Taylor Rooks saying this was a “glorious” moment.

It’s only glorious if you’re obsessed with making everything about race.

But to the average fan that hasn’t sold out for the race-baiting agenda, it’s just an interesting storyline, and there is no need to blow it out of proportion in the way the progressive media has.

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