Progressive Joel Rogers to Labor-Movement: Capitalism is "Monstrous"

Joe Schoffstall | May 5, 2010
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In a newly uncovered video of Joel Rogers, ally of President Obama and professor of law, political science, and sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told an audience at a Labor- Movement Teach- In, that Capitalism is 'monstrous'. Rogers gives his take on how progressives must advance themselves through 'making things up' such as studies, unionizing the private sector, and so on.

“Just like the in the early 1970's... they said we're going to take over this country and this is how we're going to do it; we're going to capture a bunch of intellectuals and we're going to have them produce just tons of junk-just tons. Books and case studies, and made up studies, and empirical studies and fake studies, we should do the same.” Obviously in reference to the progressive movement. Not quite done yet. After this, he claimed that the service sector should be unionized: “You don't want to just mull around with just 15 cent, 20 cent increases in the minimum wage increases, you want double the minimum wage increase over three years, you know, years amount of capital investment: the fact that we'll unionize the service sector. Then onto children's education: “It is a sin that those kids are working with 30 year old textbooks, every kid in America we should say, should be fed, clothed, housed, and insured- eventually they'll grow up and vote for national health care- minimally we deserve that.” Who could be against a statement like that? It sounds nice, but unfortunately people like Rogers don't seem to be very well intentioned at heart. The only reason they're 'outdated' to a man like Rogers is because they don't completely suit their agendas. On April 30th, Glenn Beck spoke about Joel Rogers saying: “OK. Now, here he is — they've got, you know, the University of Madison, Wisconsin. If you have kids there, you'll be happy to know. And you probably already know that he is a professor here — Joel Rogers. Going to call him "J.R." He's got — he's a professor there. And oh, he's also the guy who started the Apollo Alliance. The Apollo Alliance? That sounds familiar. Oh, yes, yes, yes, that's right. The Apollo Alliance is one that wrote the stimulus bill that now — what is it — 70 percent of all economists said had no effect on the economy? Who was on the board of directors of the Apollo Alliance? Van Jones. It's one big happy family. It's one big happy crime family — that's what it's beginning to look like. It's good to know who is running the country, isn't it? Oh, let me bring in our crazy uncle — Crazy Uncle Andy Stern, who has just disappeared for some reason. We've all known to come and love Andy Stern, haven't we? Here is what Andy Stern says about this man, the wizard: "Nobody outside the American labor movement has shaped our present thinking as profoundly." Andy Stern says he's the wizard. Sounds important. A socialist is shaping our president's thinking. But if that is not enough for you, maybe this sound bite will help, because it's what they say, not what I say that matters, it seems. Here is Van Jones — what he said while he was still at the White House: (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) VAN JONES, FORMER WHITE HOUSE GREEN JOBS 'CZAR': I also wanted to take a little bit of time before I get to my comments to brag a little bit on Joel Rogers. If I were Joel Rogers, I would be insufferably proud. I wouldn't be able to walk around. My head would be huge. The best thinking that he represents here is now reflected in the White House. (END VIDEO CLIP) BECK: Got it? He is the man. He is the wizard. He's a wizard. By the way, that was said in January '09. Emerald Cities was created in — way back in December of '09. It's nice to know that the thinking of this man is now in the White House?