'Progressive' Congressional Candidate Yells 'F*** the NRA' In New Attack Ad

Brittany M. Hughes | May 14, 2018
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Albuquerque City Councilor and “Progressive” congressional candidate Pat Davis has decided that screaming profanity about the NRA is the best way to get elected as a New Mexico congressman.

“F*** the NRA,” Davis launches at the beginning of a new 15-second attack ad against the NRA.

“Their pro-gun policies have resulted in dead children, dead mothers and dead fathers,” he goes on. “If Congress won’t change our gun laws, we’ll change Congress."

Check it out:

And that's it. Short on substance, void of data and empty of actual policy proposals, the ad seems more like an excuse to drop the F-bomb than an actual political pitch. Which is exactly what’s gotten so many people riled up.

The ad ran uncensored on Albuquerque television station KRQE-TV, where station general manager Bill Anderson claimed the network as required to air the ad unedited because not doing so would violate federal laws against censoring political speech.

"This station, by law, is not permitted to censor or in any way edit this commercial. What we can control, however, is the 15 seconds of airtime preceding it, which we will use to warn the viewer of a possible offense, explain our own views, and cite the federal laws imposed on candidates and TV stations," Anderson said in a statement.

As for Davis, he's defending his use of profanity to slam the Second Amendment rights group.

“It’s not polite, but it’s what we’re all thinking and it’s what it will take to get their attention,” Davis claimed in a blog post on his website.

Just a small reminder, here: the NRA is comprised of more than 5 million law-abiding members, none of whom have committed a mass shooting. New Mexico is also home to one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country, with a 50 percent of all adults owning at least one firearm. The state has "Shall Issue" policy for concealed carry permits and allows open-carry for loaded weapons.

So I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether “F*** the NRA” is really what they're "all thinking.”

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