Professor Slimes Madden After Death: Sold ‘Plantation’ Fantasy via Football Video Games


If you had any doubts that your average college professor is a hardcore lunatic these days, take a gander at the smarty pants who dumped on John Madden after his death simply because the NFL Hall of Famer wanted to share his love of football with the world. 

Dallas College history professor Andrew McGregor besmirched football and sports broadcast legend John Madden immediately after his death on December 28, though how could McGregor dance on the grave of someone whose only crime was possibly loving a sports game too much? 

Now, now. Let's not forget how virtually everyone can get slimed as a racist. Especially an old rich white man. 

According to McGregor Madden’s love for football, and in particular the football video games he gave his name to, have promoted white supremacy and a “plantation” fantasy to football fans the world over. You’ve probably seen this ridiculous talking point somewhere recently – white team owners, and a majority of black athletes working for them. 

On the day of Madden’s death, McGregor tweeted, “I have lots of opinions on John Madden. The creation of the Madden video game was not a great development in the U.S.” Oh come on. Sure it was no Apollo space program, but are your really going to treat it like "Grand Theft Auto?"

Well McGregor did. In fact he insisted that the video game  further twisted the knife of racism in the back of our nation. He added, “It further glamorized violence and dehumanized Black athletes, helping to establish plantation cosplay that has grown worse in the era of fantasy football.”

“Plantation cosplay?” Seriously? Essentially what he’s saying is that Madden video game owners get an even more immersive evil white team owner experience where they can trade the black players and build the ultimate team. (Kind of like you do with white guys and Hispanics in "MLB: The Show" or Russians and Canadians in "NHL 22?")

No, don’t get it wrong. It’s not like a business where each player, black, white, asian and hispanic freely enter into a contract with a team and potentially earn millions of dollars playing a leisure activity. It’s exactly like chattel slavery circa 1848. 

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But it wouldn’t stop there. McGregor continued dissing Madden after his passing, tweeting, “At every point in his career — coach, announcer, video game producer — Madden profited off of Black athletic labor and glamorized the violence inherent in the game.”

Is this McGregor's revenge for not being picked for playground sports or something? Or is he an attention whore getting his 15 minutes by using garbage critical theory to smear a pop culture icon before his body is even cold? Probably both.

McGregor added of Madden, “Sure, there is a lot of significance to his life and his impact. But it’s pretty clear most of his accomplishments were not beneficial or healthy for athletes, particular non-white athletes.” 

Pretty clear, if you're left-wing academic whose livelihood depends on creating ever more laughable victims and victimizers.

Uh, so when the media tells you that educational institutions are not brainwashing your children, remember that they encourage and hire people who might teach your kids that even America’s favorite sport is evil and racist – not to mention, universities hire people who are unserious and clearly have no respect for the dead. 

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