Producer: Media on ‘Ideological Crusade’ to Impose Climate Agenda on Americans


Media are ignoring and the administration is changing data showing the Earth is not warming because they consider their climate agenda a central tenant of their ideology, the producer of a new film debunking climate hysteria tells MRCTV.

Asked why they’re ignoring satellite data showing no warming for nearly two decades, and changing surface data to erase the pause in warming, “Climate Hustle” producer Marc Morano says it’s because they’re on “an ideological crusade”:

“[Politicians] are ignoring it because this is a campaign cause. This is as much a partisan campaign as any other issue.

"And, it’s a similar thing to the media: it’s an ideological crusade. There’s a school shooting – boom, the media’s all over gun control. Anything happens on a whole range of issues, this has become, in many regards, a tenant of the ideological activism of the media. So, the media’s only going to promote scientists that endorse it. They feed the U.N. They go along with John Kerry, our Secretary of State, who says the U.N. is the gold standard of science. Well, if it’s the gold standard, it’s become fool’s gold. The media will not challenge it.”

The liberal media will stop at nothing to craft a narrative that advances their climate ideology, Morano says:

“Essentially, the media is on a mission here, because this is one of the tenants of the ideological left – that global warming is a problem that must be addressed. So, they will all go to this U.N. conference and they will not report on anything that affects the narrative. It’s all about crafting that narrative, and it’s all modeled after that.

“It’s incredible: the Associated Press will do a story on the surface data: “The Hottest Year!” – but, they don’t even mention that there IS satellite data. I have the documentation. The satellites were set up in the 1990s because they were considered more accurate than the surface temperature. Well, they didn’t like the thermometer readings, so they’re ignored now."

And, when even the surface data didn’t fit the narrative, Pres. Obama’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) went so far as to change the numbers, Morano explains:

“And, there was a pause in the surface data. But, then, NOAA does a study and they say, “Shazam!, we erased the pause, we went back and re-did the numbers.”

“Now, imagine if a company had record losses for multiple years and then, suddenly, hired a new accountant: “Hey, now we have record profits, no problem, all our investors just leave us alone, we’re doing great.”

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