Pro-Lifers Set To Pray At Pregnancy Centers On Election Night

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 7, 2022
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It's rare we get to write a positive story. This is an exception. 

Election day is November 8 and pro-life Christians plan to gather in front of local pregnancy centers to pray and stand in solidarity with the organizations amid the nation casting votes that will dictate the future of said groups. Rev. Jim Harden urged believers to visit the organizations and spoke with The Washington Stand about his motives. 

We wrote about Harden back in June when the pregnancy center he runs in Buffalo, New York, CompassCare, was attacked by pro-abort radicals called Jane’s Revenge. In light of the attack in his community and the attacks throughout the nation, Harden felt compelled to encourage believers to rely on God this election season.

Here’s what Harden told The Washington Stand:

In light of the lack of arrests in the wake of nationwide violence and death threats leveled against peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers by pro-abortion extremist cells, I am issuing a call for volunteer peacekeepers to keep vigil. The prayerful presence of a group of people with cameras, taking video and pictures of all suspicious activity, will serve to both protect a valuable community service to women in crisis as well as aid in the capture of radicalized pro-abortion extremists.

Rather than wish for jail time or punishment on the people who conducted and are continuing to conduct violent attacks on pro-life organizations, Harden wants believers to pray for these people. Specifically he urged believers “to pray for the salvation of the attackers, the perpetrators — these people who are blinded and going about deceiving about what it means to be a human, and being deceived.”

Talk about grace and forgiveness amiright?!

The Washington Stand acknowledged that the call for peaceful prayer presence comes after the release of a Crime Prevention Research Center study which concluded that pro-life groups are 22x more likely to be attacked than pro-abort groups. 

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It’s lovely to see Harden lead with such forgiveness. It’s become extremely clear that pro-life groups are the ones trying to spread positive messages and pro-aborts are focused on one thing: keeping and normalizing abortion. 

Even so, pro-lifers are painted as people who don’t care about women or are likened to “extremists.”

Hopefully this positive, peaceful prayer time will shift the narrative and clarify the reality of the mindset of most pro-life individuals. 

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