Pro-Life Students At More Than 200 Schools Are Walking Out Against Abortion Tomorrow

Brittany M. Hughes | April 10, 2018

Pro-lifers at more than 200 high schools and colleges say they’ll participate in a national walkout in support of victims of abortion.

And that’s without any attention from the national news media, no backing from any soapboxing celebrities, no widespread support from legislators, and no blue check-mark boost from social media. reports that “More than 200 different high school and college or university campuses are preparing to participate in the #ProLifeWalkout — according to information Students for Life provided to LifeNews.”

The walk-out comes in response to a national protest against guns held on March 14, when thousands of students across the nation walked out of school for a full 17 minutes in honor of the 17 slain Parkland victims and in protest of gun violence.

The pro-life demonstration was first launched by high school student Brandon Gillespie, who wondered if a walkout against abortion would be met with the same welcome enthusiasm from his school administrators as the anti-gun protest.

“Gillespie met with the principal of his school and asked for the same accommodations that students were given for the March 14th walkout. The principal said he would need to talk with other school officials in the district before giving Gillespie an answer,” the Family Research Council explained.

“Regardless of the principal’s answer, Gillespie is forging ahead to see if there is indeed a double standard.”

If there is, it will come as no surprise. Rocklin High School in California recently suspended history teacher Julianne Benzel for questioning whether her school would support a walkout against abortion the same as a protest against guns.

Tomorrow’s demonstration will test that theory.

“This demonstration seeks to ensure that officials give different viewpoints the same treatment. More importantly, it’s meant to show that students across America believe in the dignity of every human life — from conception to natural death — and demand that our leaders do more to protect life,” FRC said. “Together, we will be the generation that abolishes elective abortion.”