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Pro-Life Group Claims Twitter Locked Their Account For a 2014 Scientific Article About STDs


(UPDATE: 10/20/18 Twitter has since unlocked LifeSiteNews’ Twitter account, less than 24 hours after claiming an analysis of homosexual health data was “hateful conduct.” This follows a online petition effort to get LifeSite's Twitter account reactivated.)

LifeSite News, a pro-life news and advocacy website, is now claiming Twitter locked them out of their account over a four-year-old article written by a molecular biologist about the risk of STD transmission among homosexuals.

The offending article, posted way back in 2014, was a scientific response to the media-driven leftists claim that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise among the gay community because “homophobia” has discouraged infected persons from getting tested. In his rebuttal, Dr. Gerard M. Nadal, a molecular biologist and microbiologist, claimed using basic scientific data that STDs were becoming more prevalent among LGBT members due to a rise in unprotected sex, as well as sex with multiple partners.

In his argument, Nadal placed some of the blame at the feet of gay men who know they're infected with an STD, but decline to tell their partner.

"They are more concerned about their acceptance in bed, than the life, health, and safety of the people whom they knowingly place at risk. They hold in low esteem the unsuspecting individual, denying them the right to make a decision for themselves. It is part of the objectification of the other inherent in sexual promiscuity," Nadal claims, in what is arguably his most blatantly finger-pointing statement in the entire article.

It’s a message that Twitter apparently found offensive. LifeSite complained:

On October 18, 2018, however, LifeSiteNews received the following message, notifying staff that Twitter was locking the account because the 2014 tweet sharing the story’s neutral, factual headline violated “our rules against hateful conduct,” and somehow “promote[d] violence against, threaten[ed], or harass[ed] other people on the basis of [...] sexual orientation [...], or serious disease."

The site included screenshots of the message.

Other than demanding LifeSite remove the post, the pro-life group adds that “No further elaboration was given,” and that “a length of time for the lockout was not specified.”

It’s not the first time Twitter has taken aim at right-leaning groups – including pro-life ones – for messages they say violate their vague and mysteriously subjective community guidelines. While the social media giant has continued to allowed Planned Parenthood to advertise on their site, Twitter has consistently banned pro-life group Live Action from promoting paid ads on their platform.

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