Pro-Life Caroling Takes To The Streets For 'Peace In The Womb'

Eric Scheiner | December 11, 2017
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More than 70 pro-life groups across the county are calling for "Peace in the Womb" this year with Christmas carols outside facilities that offer abortions. 

A few groups have already started the caroling, with a group in Glendale, Arizona gathering outside the Planned Parenthood facility this past weekend.

The Pro-Life Action League has sponsored the event for 15 years (some 2015 video can be seen below.)

The league offers help in organizing the caroling events and promotes the action on its website:

The idea is simple: we bring the hope and joy of Christmas to one of the world’s darkest places, the abortion clinic, in hopes that the familiar sounds of Christmas carols might save a life.

And, in fact, lives have been saved by our peaceful, prayerful witness when women heard our songs from inside the abortion facility and chose life for their children.

According to, Lisa Blevins, a Glendale event organizer, said the groups sing carols to remind women thinking about abortion that the "salvation of the world came through an unplanned pregnancy."

The Pro-Life Action League has schedule of similar caroling events being held across the country from now until Christmas Eve listed on their website.


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