Pro-LGBTQ Group: 'There's No Such Thing As Other People's Children'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 14, 2022
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A non-profit group called “Together Rising,” described on its website as a kind of crowdfunding site purportedly to help those in need or going through “difficult times,” is finally saying the quiet part out loud: to the left, your kids aren’t your kids.

In a statement blasting a new Florida law that bans public school teachers and faculty from talking about sex with children under the age of 9, Together Rising claims that “there’s no such thing as other people’s children.”

“We stand with them and the LGBTQ+ community, and we will keep investing in these kids and their families. Because there’s no such thing as other people’s children,” the group said in the statement.


The group said it's dumping $150,000 into LGBTQ[insert letter here] groups across the state of Florida to help gay and trans kids who might be adversely affected by teachers being unable to read them books about genitalia or ask them if they think they were born in the wrong body. Groups that Together Rising says they're financing includes the Compass Community Center, which "serves LGBTQ+ youth, starting at age 3," per their website.

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The Parental Rights in Education bill, falsely misrepresented by leftists as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, bans schools from implementing classroom curricula that discuss gender identity or sexual orientation with children in preschool through the third grade, and mandates that any discussion on those topics in grades 4 and above must be done in an age-appropriate manner.

But to the left – and to all communists who subscribe to the concept of the “greater good” at the expense of individual freedom, choice, or belief – your children don’t actually belong to you. They belong to the state to do with and indoctrinate as they see fit. Which is hardly a new concept…

…it’s just that now, they aren’t trying to hide it.