Pro-Clinton PAC Manager Behind Deport Racism Site

ashley.rae | November 5, 2015

The campaign manager for the vulgar, anti-Donald Trump Deport Racism PAC also runs a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC.

Luke Montgomery is listed as the campaign manager for Deport Racism. He is also the campaign manager for Bill For First Lady 2016. The domains for and are registered in Montgomery’s name.

Although Montgomery runs an explicitly pro-Hillary PAC, the original Deport Racism website provided favorable coverage of Clinton’s opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt).

Clicking, “So, which 2016 candidate’s not an asshole on immigration?” brought people to Sanders’ campaign website.

The section devoted to showing people “which 2016 candidate’s not an asshole on immigration?” has been removed from the Deport Racism website.

As well, some of the pro-Clinton links have been taken off, according to the site’s source code.

Montgomery is best known his involvement in the FCKH8. Like Deport Racism, FCKH8 utilizes the shock value of children saying profanity in order to speak out against “racism, homophobia, and sexism.”

(H/T Liberty GB)