Pro-Abortion Advocate Charged With Assaulting a Pro-Life Protester

Ferlon Webster Jr. | October 30, 2018

Violence from an extreme left-wing pro-abortion activist? You don’t say.

Earlier this month, Toronto Against Abortion (TAA) held a protest near Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. The pro-life protest attracted the attention of Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, an abortion rights advocacy group, and one of their members just couldn’t stand the sight of these supporters of human life. 

Gabby Skwarko, a 23-year-old student at the university, began approaching a group of protesters while a seemingly civil discussion between both pro-life and pro-choice groups was taking place.

“In abortion how are they taking it [the baby] out?” a pro-life man asked.

“What an abortion does, is there not taking it out, there terminating it and the cells are being reabsorbed by the body,” the misguided pro-abortion advocate responded. 

Skwarko then began attacking the anti-abortion protesters by kicking signs, pushing a woman before picking up a metal dolly and swinging it -- then throwing it -- toward Katie Somers, a member of TAA.  

“No - stop it!” you can hear Somers yell.

But Skwarko didn’t stop there. She chased Somers down and tried to pull her backpack off, grabbing an item from the bag and throwing it on the ground. She then continued to push Somers.

There are times when people like Skwarko get caught and have to face the consequences of their actions -- and, thankfully, this was one of the those times.

The “tolerant” pro-abortion activist will be charged with assault and assault with a weapon, according to the Toronto police. 

“I’m obviously very happy that the Toronto police are taking this seriously,” Somers told Global News. “It benefits everybody if they send a strong message that violent reactions to civil discourse will not be tolerated.”

Skwarko turned herself in Friday evening and will appear in court on Dec. 13. 

If only liberals like this could learn to be as tolerant as they claim to be, then we’d probably see a lot less of these violent childish outbursts.

Until then, take a look at the video from TAA below: