Private DC School Makes Kindergarteners March and Chant BLM Slogans

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 6, 2022

The story comes to us thanks to the diligent work of LibsOfTikTok, which, on February 4, tweeted video of masked kindergarteners (whom even the CDC says are at near zero chance of getting badly ill from, or spreading, COVID) marching down a corridor at Lowell School, holding signs with Black Lives Matter slogans on them which they were reportedly instructed to make in class, and chanting “Black Lives Matter.”

Evidently, the folks running the school are proud of doing this to the kids, and wanted to share it with others.

The school even posted video and photos of the event on their Instagram, though the videos appear to have been removed and the comments section of the account disabled. The video, which was widely shared across Twitter, has also been removed from Facebook.

Which some adults might view as fine, if this were about the simple, basic concept of treating everyone with respect.

But the BLM movement is not about that.

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The Black Lives Matter organization was started by avowed Marxists. Co-founder, and now the owner of multiple expensive homes (because, just like the 19th Century hypocrite himself, she really adheres to Karl Marx’s “No Private Property” idea that he wanted foist on others) Patrisse Cullors has admitted that she and BLM’s Alicia Garza are “trained Marxists.”

And this isn’t about all people. This specifies a certain group of people, insinuating to the students that those people are not being treated fairly. Perhaps that’s possible, but the nuances of crime, the possibility that some statutes unduly burden some people over others, the generations-old poison of welfarism, the dynamics of political glad-handling for government handouts as ways to “absolve” “racist” sins, and myriad other factors aren’t going to be on the schedule between the kids’ fingerpainting session and snack time.




It's simply belief-straining to think that any child this age could comprehend the arguments woven into so many of the issues about which BLM purports to care.

And that’s the point. The teachers likely are not aware of these nuances, either.

The point is indoctrination.

As it was when Fabian Socialist Francis Bellamy wrote the “Pledge of Allegiance” to methodically and systematically inculcate children away from their primary focus on family and religion (as a late 19th Century protestant minister, he was one of many who strove to separate Irish Catholic children away from their churches and church learning, get them into government schools, and turn them into, as the Fabian saying went, “good citizens of the state”), today we see more collectivist indoctrination.

This is a systematic attempt to get kids hugging BLM, never knowing of the riotous violence perpetrated by many of its members and supporters, never aware of the collectivist nature of the group. It sets up the kids to be both promoters of the organization, and tools to facilitate its bogus “aren’t we caring” façade.

It also gets children to embrace the group as likeable before they can learn what it is really about. It presupposes the correctness of the BLM propaganda on things like so-called “reparations” (which are impossible, are just new forms of wealth redistribution -- new ways to split the population into oppositional groups), and the rightness of BLM “protests” that repeatedly were violent and destructive.

Of course, this is a private school, so at least government cash isn’t being spent on it. But, as is important in the moral world of free markets, it is essential for people to sound off about bad products or services. And Lowell School certainly seems to deserve some opprobrium.

Which isn’t surprising, given the fact that, as one of its contractors, The Design Channel, posted, Lowell Private was started in 1965 as a “progressive” institution.

That was 57 years ago, and if one makes another 57-year leap back in time, one can see that the great sweep of history is not as vast and impossible to grasp as might be assumed. Five decades prior to the founding of this school, the Fabians and Progressives of the US really geared-up their push to indoctrinate kids into the world of “collective” identity, all pointing towards expanding the state and negating the individual. Their work has been generational, and now, teachers who were taught by teachers, who were taught by teachers – most of whom pushed collectivism and group negation of the individual – are teaching the next generation.

This is a Fabian tactic, indeed. As Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld pointed out in his 2009 book, “Revolution Via Education,” and the original article upon which the book is based, his analysis of Fabian Society and progressivist influence in schools led him to discover:

The Society had been named after the Roman general and dictator, Quintus Fabius Maximus, who became known as the Delayer, because of his delaying tactics used against Hannibal in the second Punic War during the third century B.C. By avoiding all-out battles at a time when Rome was weak, Fabius won time to build up Rome’s military strength. When Rome was finally ready, Hannibal was decisively vanquished and Carthage destroyed. And so the Fabians stressed the value of delayed action. Fabian Tract No.1 put it in these words: ‘For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes, you must strike, hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain and fruitless.’

Have no doubt. Be it in public schools or private, liberty-loving people must beware and be vigilant, and tell others about destructive policies.

This is particularly important when it comes to the freedom of children not to be used as pawns and indoctrinated into collectivist activism.

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