Prince George Played With a Toy Gun, and People LOST IT


Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, made waves that reached all the way across the pond this week for – get ready for this – playing with a plastic water gun.

You know, the way little boys are apt to do.

News outlets snapped a few photos of George (who’s four, by the way) sitting with his mom and a few other kids at a polo match playing with a toy gun he’d won as a prize at the event’s children’s fair.



And, naturally, the Internet lost its crap.

Some even suggested the Royal family was failing to “set an example” by not allowing George to play with toy guns.

Others complained that the toy was “sexist.”

Five minutes ago, the kid was a gay icon. Now, he’s the next Son of Sam.

Did I mention that he’s four? FOUR.

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