The Price Of Getting A Pass Into The U.S.? - $80 For A Child

John Romero | August 1, 2019
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For months now reports of "child recycling" has been popping up as a method for working-age, male illegal aliens to gain entry into the U.S. The act of child recycling being that an individual who wants to illegally cross the US border will rent or buy a child so that the U.S. government is then forced to release them into the interior of the nation.

The acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan and former secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, have testified to Congress about the growing problem of child recycling and how this has only made the crisis at the border worse in addition to endangering these children. In Guatemala, a middle-aged illegal alien was able to BUY a baby for $80 so that our government would be forced to let him into the country. Luckily, once the illegal alien had been confronted with a DNA test he admitted that the baby wasn't his. 

This isn’t even a secret that it's happening. There are actual ads that run on the radio and Facebook advertising this practice according to Sec. McAleenan. How rampant is this problem? One statistic sticks out the greatest. In 2014 only 1% of male adult illegal aliens were found crossing with a child. That number has now spiked to 50% according to The Epoch Times. With at least a third of all family units illegally entering the country fraudulently according to a study done by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

The problem is so persistent because of the Flores Agreement. This restricts illegal aliens with children to not being held more than 20 days. The well-known practice of catch and release in action. These illegals then disappear into the interior of the country, with the majority never showing up for their court hearing.

Democrats in the House have signaled they will refuse to help Customs and Border Patrol in any way. Rep. Katie Hill recently told Sec. McAleenan that lawmakers will not give them more money for detention beds or amend the Flores Agreement.

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