Pres. Biden Describes the First Time He Saw Two Gay Men Kiss

Craig Bannister | June 12, 2023
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At an LGBTQ celebration on the White House South Lawn Saturday, Pres. Joe Biden described the first time he’d seen two gay men kiss.

Following comments by First Lady Jill Biden, who dubbed the “Pride” event as “an all-American picnic,” Pres. Biden addressed the crowd to cheer the LGBTQ political agenda and denounce efforts to protect young children from sexual indoctrination in schools.

Biden began by saying that he was lucky to have a father and a mother who believed in America. He said that the country wasn’t founded on religion, but instead on the idea that everyone is “endowed by their Creator, et cetera”:

“You know, I was a lucky guy — kid. I had a dad and a mom who — who understood that we meant what we said in our — that sounds corny — in our — we’re the most unique nation in the world. We’re the only nation that is founded on an idea — not geography, not religion, and not ethnicity — that all men and women are created equal, endowed by their Creator, et cetera.”

Biden then told the tale of the first time he saw two men kiss. It was an unforgettable experience he had when he was still in high school, the president said, noting that he was counseled by his father, afterwards:

“I’ll never forget: I was going down to get an application, when I was in high school, to be a lifeguard in the city pool. And my dad was driving me down on his way to work — going to drop me off.

“And Wilmington, Delaware, is the corporate capital of the world. It was, anyway. And, but all kidding aside, there’s a place called Rodney Square. And the DuPont Building was there. The Hercules building was there — all these major corporations.

“And I was getting out of the car to go into the city hall. And there were these two well-dressed men standing on a corner. The light changed. They kissed each other and went in different directions. One went to the DuPont Building; one went to the Hercules building.

“And I had never seen that before. I looked at my dad. He looked back at me. He said, ‘It’s simple. They love each other. It’s simple.’ And to me, it’s that simple. It’s that straightforward.”

“And to all — to all of you: Happy Pride Month! Happy Pride year! Happy Pride life!” Biden shouted.