Pregnant Waitress Blessed with a Massive Tip for Christmas

Ben Graham | December 22, 2016
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One lucky waitress in Phoenix, Ariz. is feeling the Christmas spirit after an unidentified couple decided to pay their own success forward and give her an absolutely massive tip.
Sarah Clark, a server at the Pita Jungle, received a staggering $900 tip on a $61 tab, making it a 1,468 percent tip.
The couple also wrote a very heart-warming message on their receipt, reading, “This is God’s money — he gave it to us so we could give it to you."
What makes it even more special is that Clark is nine months pregnant and due any day. Her fiance is also scheduled for surgery very soon. Talk about a blessing at just the right moment.
“I couldn’t have asked for anything more right now,” Clark said. “It’s going to help with bills, with rent, with being able to stay home and spend more time with the baby.”