Predators Host Pride Night One Week After Covenant Shooting

John Simmons | April 5, 2023
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The horror of the Covenant Christian School shooting is still raw and shocking to many across the nation, and especially in Nashville. That is, everyone in Nashville except the Predators, the city’s NHL team.

You see, the tragedy that happened at that school is old news to this franchise. In fact, just one week after the shooting, the Predators thought it was time to make sure that LGBT crowd is recognized and celebrated, and they showed that by hosting a Pride Night before their matchup with the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday evening. Because priorities.

Yes, the city that just saw a transgender shoot up a Christian school thought it was important to highlight those in the "community" of the shooter. While the Predators did offer a moment of silence for the victims before their first home game after the shooting on Saturday, the timing of hosting a pride night couldn’t have been more disturbing.

Predators defenseman Tyson Barrie upped the ante by not just showing ardent support for the LGBT agenda, but also criticizing those who go against mainstream thought on this issue.

Oh I see, because you have personal experience with this, that gives you the right to shame others that don’t think the same way as you. Thanks for letting your true colors shine, Mr. Barrie.

To be clear, only one individual is responsible for the six deaths in Nashville. But the media and the left -- including plenty of LGBT activists -- are trying to sweep the killer's identity and ideology under the carpet. That's a consideration other mass murderers from less favored demographics aren't afforded. But they've taken it further, attempting to somehow paint the alphabet people as the real victims.

It was a bad time to indulge anyone's identity fetish, but especially the LGBT narcissists. Not when the graves of three nine year-olds are still fresh.

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