Praying Coach Kennedy Wins Settlement After Getting His Job Back

John Simmons | March 22, 2023
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Joseph Kennedy is raking in some cash after winning his Supreme Court case.

Kennedy was fired from his position as coach of the Bremerton High School (BHS) football team in 2015 for praying at midfield after games. After winning a 7-year legal battle that culminated last summer with SCOTUS’s 6-3 ruling in his favor, he will receive a $1.7 million settlement. BHS will also pay Kennedy’s legal fees over the next few years

The news of the settlement comes just days after BHS announced it would reinstate Kennedy as coach. He will once again be on the sidelines in the upcoming football season.

But the coach isn’t just happy about the ruling, getting his job back, or the money for his own sake. Before SCOTUS made its ruling, Kennedy had long said that he viewed his case as an important precedent for all Americans, saying everyone is afforded the First-Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion that he was fighting for.

“This is a right for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re this religion or that religion or have no faith whatsoever,” Kennedy said in an interview with ABC News last April. “Everybody has the same rights in America.”

It’s always encouraging to see the courts uphold an individual's constitutional rights. It’s even more encouraging when that person is a quality human being.

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