PragerU's Will Witt Can't Get a Date Wearing a MAGA Hat

Ferlon Webster Jr. | February 14, 2019

It’s Valentines Day, and apparently one way to be sure you won’t have a valentine is to be a MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter.

Prager U’s Will Witt went out to the campus of University of California Irvine and found himself the repulsion of the college liberal women’s community. Many men have dealt with rejection from women, but Witt received more than enough rejection for 10 men to endure during their lifetimes.

Okay, I’m exaggerating...but nonetheless, 99 percent of these women just weren’t interested.

The dialogues went something like this:

Witt: Hey guys, would you be my valentine?

Female student #1: Ummmmm, not with that hat.

Female student #2: Why would you wear that here?

Witt: To support the president.

He would receive many of these responses, but the red hat wearing 22-year-old kept pressing forward to ensure he wouldn’t be “dateless.”

Female student #3: Nooo, especially not with that hat. 

Witt: Do you not date Trump supporters?

Female student #4: In my personal opinion, no, because that goes against my political views.

Witt did acknowledge that his method of getting a date was not ideal but at the same time some YouTube pranksters have somehow had success with woman doing far weirder things. But in Witt’s case, they just couldn’t get over that thing he was wearing on his head. 

Lesson here: If you want to date liberal college women, you have to reject “making America great” and maybe wear a hat that says “Go PETA” or “Vegan for Life.” I’m sure those would help a lot. 

Here’s the PragerU video: