Prager University Video Asks The Question: Is America Racist?

Nick Kangadis | January 18, 2016
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Prager University has released a new video answering the question, "Is America racist?"

In the five and a half minute video, narrator Larry Elder addresses the question of whether racism is still a major problem in America. He states, after all, "President Barack Obama certainly thinks so."

Elder relies on statistics in order to dispute the notion that America is a racist country.

Elders cites a recent Gallup poll that states in 1958, only four percent of Americans approved of "black/white" marriages. In 2016, however, that percentage is at an all-time high of 87 percent.

The video finishes with Elder quoting Harvard University sociologist Orlando Patterson. Patterson said, “America is now the least racist white majority society in the world.”

Check out the Prager University video examining racism in America below: