Portland Public School Students Call For the Removal Of 'Triggering' School Resource Officers - Because They Have Guns

Ferlon Webster Jr. | January 4, 2019
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Students ditching class to protest something that need not be protested is becoming a common trend these days.

In Portland, Oregon, public school students stepped out of their classrooms this week to gather in front of the City Hall building demanding the removal of school resource officers (SROs) from their campuses. 

The activist group “Don’t Shoot Portland” posted a video on YouTube of liberal students begging Portland city council to bend to their will and get those scary cops out of their way.

Last month, the school board reached an agreement to increase patrols of armed officers in school buildings, from four days a week to five. Students in the video claim the presence of these officers already make them feel “unsafe,” so adding to this would only make students who misbehave more afraid of getting the consequences of their actions. I’m paraphrasing here.  

“Time and time again we’ve been told that this agreement and cops in schools are supposed to to make us feel safer,” Isabel Mace-McLatchie said. “But time and time again we’ve been told by students that this does the exact opposite. 

“Guns don’t make a good learning environment,” Micah Mizushima stated. “I mean how would you feel being in a classroom with an officer with a gun? Like, I’m trying to do a math test here.”

It seems like an officer with a gun is better than a deranged psychopath entering the school with a gun, which has now happened countless times. 

The students explained that the presence of an armed police officer could scare illegal immigrants and some minorities, claiming that the experience was, ironically, “triggering.”

“A lot of families, even if themselves are not immigrants, you don’t want to stir up trouble. Because you could be deported or you could be put in jail,” Sophia Lucas said.

“Personally my community doesn’t feel safe having police, armed police, in our schools,” Brisa Ruiz followed up. “School is somewhere where we’re supposed to feel safe, and it’s a place where we’re just supposed to learn.”

None of the students offered any solution to increase safety and stop the violence in their school.

Take a look at the story from KATU:

H/T: EAG News

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