Portland Cancels a Family Parade After Antifa Thugs Promise Violence

Brittany M. Hughes | April 27, 2017
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Just one day after conservative pundit Ann Coulter was forced to cancel her speaking engagement at Berkeley over safety concerns posed by anti-Trump rioters, a business association in Portland, Oregon shut down their 10th annual Rose Festival parade after left-wing Antifa rioters threatened violence against Republican participants.

The Washington Post reported Thursday:

Set to march in the parade’s 67th spot this year was the Multnomah County Republican Party, a fact that so outraged two self-described antifascist groups in the deep blue Oregon city that they pledged to protest and disrupt the April 29 event.

Then came an anonymous and ominous email, according to parade organizers, that instructed them to cancel the GOP group’s registration — or else.

“You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,” the anonymous email said, referring to the violent riots that hit Portland after the 2016 presidential election, reported the Oregonian. “This is nonnegotiable.”

The email said that 200 people would “rush into the parade” and “drag and push” those marching with the Republican Party.

Held each year for the past decade by the 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association, the parade is designed to be a family-friendly event for the entire community. But this year, the Business Association canceled the whole entire thing because left-wing jackasses decided that “tolerance” didn’t include tolerating those who don’t bow to their anarchist whims.

“Following threats of violence during the Parade by multiple groups planning to disrupt the event, 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association can no longer guarantee the safety of our community and have made the difficult decision to cancel the Parade,” the group said in a statement.

“We are deeply disappointed that the agendas of these outside groups have so regrettably impacted East Portland and the 82nd Avenue community,” the association added.

If anyone else is sick of liberal morons mucking up all that’s good in the world for everyone else, you’re welcome to get in line behind me. But one things for sure – for all their crybaby temper tantrums, all these Antifa protesters sure make a great argument for concealed carry.

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