Portland 'Anti-Fascists' Display Their Racism: Call Black Officers 'Race Traitor' & 'Coon'


One of the prerequisites for activists in Portland has got to be ignorance — either that or stupidity — because these “anti-fascists” say some of the most racist things to people they deem are racists.

During this past weekend’s “festivities” in Portland, Oregon, a group of “anti-fascist” protesters decided to begin hurling racist taunts towards a black police officer simply for upholding the law for everyone.

Apparently in 2019, it’s okay to call a black person an “Uncle Tom,” a “race traitor,” and a “coon,” because the “anti-fascist” protesters seemed to have no problem saying any of those things.

Look for yourselves:



These “anti-fascists” think that the authorities should only be around to protect and serve them — when they’re taking the law into their own hands. In reality, the police are supposed to be there to protect and serve everyone from those that break a law.

It just goes to show — once again — that racism is typically the tool of those that would ardently push the label on someone else without evidence. They’re right when they say that racism is in plain view — probably because they’re usually the ones engaging in it.

The one thing that this past weekend in Portland proves, it’s that these “anti-fascist” protesters are usually the ones inciting violence and promoting a dangerous ideology.

If they truly wanted to stop supposed white supremacists so bad, this wasn’t and isn’t the way to get the job done.

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