Portion of Migrant Caravan Reaches Tijuana Border, Attempt to Scale Wall into U.S.

Nick Kangadis | November 14, 2018
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They’re heeeeeere!

It’s believed that the large group of migrants that reached the Mexico-U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico on Tuesday were part of the migrant caravan that began in Honduras. Those that reached the wall began to scale it and attempted to pass through the wall in any opening they could find.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Border Patrol released a statement Tuesday that said they believe some of those at the fence are members who were traveling as part of the Central American migrant caravan that originated in Honduras.

Migrants who reached the border fence in that area are from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Many are walking and will still need more time to reach the border, and those who have arrived already appeared to do so with the help of buses or other transportation.

Of course, those that approached the wall and reached the U.S. side swiftly returned to the Mexican side of the wall when approached by U.S. Border Patrol agents.

While the Fox 5 - San Diego report tried to portray the event as a humanitarian effort on behalf of the caravan with the comments from they used from people on the street, a different video from YouTube showed one migrant that arrived by bus claiming he is from Honduras.

Here are both the Fox 5 video and the YouTube video showing the differences in coverage of the situation:




One has to wonder where some of the money funding these migrants is coming from considering that in the second video you can clearly see that the language used on some of the school buses is in English.