Pope Francis' Good Friday Message: 'We are Racists'

Nick Kangadis | April 18, 2022
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Look, I’m going to be polite because Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church. But, what the heck is up with this guy? Apparently, if you don’t agree with his globalist vision for migratory patterns across the world, you’re a racist. No, literally. He thinks everyone, including himself, is a racist.

On Good Friday of all days, Pope Francis spoke about refugees during an interview for Italian TV in which he said because of the subdivisions refugees are put in, “we are racists.”

According to Breitbart, Pope Francis said the following:

"Refugees are subdivided,” the pontiff declared during a lengthy Good Friday interview on Italian television. “There’s first class, second class, skin color, [whether] they come from a developed country [or] one that is not developed.”

“We are racists, we are racists. And this is bad,” the pope stated.

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Two things. Isn’t that a problem for the people and NGOs [non-governmental organizations] bringing in the refugees? They would be the ones putting them in groups, “subdivided.”

And two, who is this “we” the Pope speaks of? By saying what he said, Pope Francis is admitting HE is a racist. But when he uses “we,” I’m not sure who he’s speaking about, because there’s a sizable portion of people who are completely against unfettered migration into other countries and continents.

Pope Francis justified his comments by saying that Jesus Christ was a “migrant and a refugee in Egypt when he was a child, to escape death.”

The bottom line here is that you can believe whatever you’d like regarding migrants and refugees, but if you think part of the process makes people racist, speak for yourself.

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