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Pop Star Ariana Grande Caught on Camera Saying She 'Hates America'


UPDATE: In the wake of these recent events it has been confirmed that Grande has backed out of her scheduled performance at the MLB All-Star Game concert and will be replaced by Demi Lovato.

A new video has surfaced in which multi-millionaire pop star Ariana Grande is overheard saying that she hates America and Americans.

The video obtained by TMZ shows Grande making out with her boyfriend at what appears to be a donut shop. Once her makeout session is finished--at about the one minute mark--she is presented with a tray of donuts after which she can clearly be heard saying "What the [expletive] is that?  I hate America. I hate Americans."

In the video, Grande can also be seen licking some of the donuts.

This is not the first time that the pop diva has made controversial statements. Last summer, after signing autographs for some fans she was overheard saying that she hoped her fans "...all f-ing die." 

What a lovely young woman!

It's interesting that someone who owes her success to her fans and the nation that provided her with the ability to achieve global stardom absolutely despises both. 

Hat Tip: Bro Bible

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