Polls Show Americans Back Citizenship Question on 2020 Census

Ferlon Webster Jr. | July 9, 2019
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A new poll shows that Americans are on President Trump’s side when it comes to adding the citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

The Economist/YouGov Poll was conducted during June asked (among other questions): “Do you think the federal government should or should not ask people whether they are American citizens as part of the 2020 census?”

53 percent of people responded that the government should ask, while 32 percent said they should not. 14 percent were not sure


According to The Hill:

“Last month, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration from including a citizenship question on the census and demanded that the Commerce Department provide a more clear-cut explanation for the move.”

On Monday, Trump said it was possible the 2020 Census would be delayed if the question could not be included.

“So you can ask other things, but you can’t ask whether or not somebody is a citizen?” Trump said. “So we are trying to do that. We’re looking at that very strongly.”

While Democrats are against the question a Harvard University Center for American Political Studies/Harris poll also found Americans backed the president’s position. Hispanics included. 

As The Washington Times reports:

“67% of all registered U.S. voters say the census should ask the citizenship question when the time comes. That includes 88% of Republicans, 63% of independents and 52% of Democrats.”

“Most notably, the poll found that 55% of Hispanic voters favor the idea.”