POLL: Voters Weary Democratic Candidates Too ‘Extreme’

Monica Sanchez | June 30, 2019
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According to a new Rasmussen poll, Americans view the saturated field of 2020 Democratic candidates as being more liberal than they are and even “extreme.”

The poll conducted last week just prior to the first 2020 Democratic primary debates reveals that a majority of Americans (54%) say most of the candidates are “more liberal than they are,” while just 25% view them as “about the same” and 13% think they are “more conservative.”  

Even more, “Nearly half (48%) of voters now feel it is accurate to describe the agenda of most of the Democratic presidential hopefuls as extreme,” reports Rasmussen.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of respondents describe the candidates’ agendas as “mainstream,” while 16% poll unsure.

This comes as Democrats market agendas involving free healthcare, healthcare for illegal immigrants, free college, cancellation of student debt, reparations for gays, and so on.

The Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely U.S. voters was conducted June 25-26 and has a margin sampling error of three percentage points.