Poll Shows Most Americans Think Tone-Deaf Hillary Should Just Go Away


According to a new survey telling us something we already knew, most Americans think Hillary Clinton should probably just go away now.

A study conducted this week by Rasmussen showed a majority 61 percent of polled Americans said it’s time for Hillary to retire – do not pass go, do not collect $200,000 dollars to keep yammering on about your election loss. See a light anywhere ahead in your political tunnel, Hillz? Walk toward it.

In all fairness, it’s been a tough road for the kinda-almost-but-definitely-not-president. So confident was she of her impending win against Donald Trump last November that she plunked down $1.16 million for a house in her swanky Chappaqua neighborhood so her staff could have a place to crash after she became Madame President. When the final vote tallies came rolling in, the poor thing didn’t even have a concession speech prepared.

As a self-therapy session following her embarrassing and thorough trouncing at the polls last year, she’s going on a book tour – where, unless you’re a Canadian, you can purchase a view from the cheap seats (i.e., pretty much all of them) to hear Clinton whine about the 8,472 things she blames for her election loss other than, well, her own dumb self.

According to Rasmussen, people aren’t planning to bring presents to her pity party:

Hillary Clinton is back today with a new book, “What Happened,” to further explain why Donald Trump is president instead of her. But most voters still don’t buy her excuses and think it’s time for her to step off the national stage.

At this point, even Chuck Schumer’s like, “Oh, honey…”

Not to be dissuaded, Clinton’s sticking to her guns (not literally, of course, because guns are evil unless they’re being carried by your 45 taxpayer-funded bodyguards). She still maintains she’s “convinced” the Trump team colluded with Russia to steal the election, saying that while there’s admittedly no actual proof that such a collusion occurred, she simply knows, deep down in her gut, that that’s exactly how it all went down.

Kinda like how she knew she’d win the election.

Oh, wait.

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