Poll: Only 30% of Dems Want America to Take in ‘More’ Syrian Refugees

ashley.rae | November 20, 2015
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Despite rhetoric from Democratic politicians calling for America to accept more Syrian refugees, a recent poll found only 30 percent of self-identified Democrats believe America should be letting in more Syrian refugees.

A YouGov poll of 1,000 Americans from Nov. 16-18 explained, “The United States has so far accepted just under 1,000 refugees from Syria.”

Respondents were then asked, “Do you think that the United States should accept more or fewer refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria?”

Less than a quarter (22 percent) of all Americans responded they think the country should accept more Syrians refugees while half of Americans said America should accept “fewer” Syrian refugees.

Broken down by political party, six percent of Republicans, 24 percent of Independents, and 30 percent of Democrats replied they believe America should be accepting more Syrian refugees.

In fact, 29 percent of Democrats responded that America should accept “fewer” than the approximately 1,000 currently accepted Syrian refugees. The poll also discovered 21 percent of Democrats believe America should be letting “the same” number of Syrian refugees.

In total, 50 percent of the Democrats polled think America should be accepting “fewer” than 1,000 Syrians refugees or “the same” number of Syrian refugees.

At the same time, President Obama has stated his administration will increase the number of Syrian refugees accepted into America to 10,000 over the next year.

The YouGov survey was conduced through the Web and has a 4.1 margin of error.

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