Poll: More Blacks Have a Favorable View of the KKK Than Whites


In its survey of American adults in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy, the latest Economist/YouGov poll appears to have unveiled a bizarre pattern: minority groups are more supportive of hate groups than white people.

While 7 percent of whites indicated they had a favorable view of white nationalists, like seven percent of the general population, 8 percent of blacks and 8 percent of Hispanics claimed to have a favorable view of white nationalists. Nine percent of those in the “other” racial group said they had a favorable opinion of white nationalists:

(Image source: Economist/YouGov)

Only 5 percent of all those polled claimed to have a favorable opinion of neo-Nazis. However, while only 4 percent of whites said they held this view, 9 percent of blacks, 9 percent of Hispanics, and 10 percent of those in the “other” category said they have a favorable view of neo-Nazis:

(Image source: Economist/YouGov)

Similar results were also found when respondents were asked about the Ku Klux Klan. Only 6 percent of all polled claimed to have a favorable opinion on the KKK, including only 4 percent of whites. However, 8 percent of blacks, 8 percent of Hispanics, and a full 12 percent of those in the “other” group said they had a favorable view of the KKK:


(Image source: Economist/YouGov)

While the disparity between races when it comes to questions about hate groups could be due to mere ignorance about the groups, it suggests that the alleged lingering threat of the KKK, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis are so far removed from the daily mindset of minority groups that they aren’t sure whether they have a positive opinion of them or not. (And, of course, it's also possible to get a few people who will say anything to a pollster.)

The Economist/YouGov poll was conducted from Aug. 13-15 and surveyed 1,500 American adults. The margin of error is ± 3.1 percent (adjusted for weighting).

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