Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Obama has ‘Done Little or Nothing’ to Help the Poor and Middle Class

Barbara Boland | March 5, 2015
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Most Americans believe the government of President Barack Obama has helped the rich, and believe it’s done “little or nothing to help” the poor or middle class, according to a Pew Research Center poll released yesterday.

72% believe the government’s policies have “done little or nothing to help middle class people;” 68% believe Obama’s policies have provided little or no help for small businesses and 65% say the same for the poor.

By contrast, the report says:

“Majorities say that large banks, large corporations and the wealthy have been helped a great deal or a fair amount by government policies.”

This is bad news for Democrats, who’ve marketed many of their policy fixes (like Obamacare) as solutions for the nation’s poorest.