Poll Finds Britain Hates Young White Men

ashley.rae | December 14, 2015
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Young white men are the most hated group of people in Britain.

YouGov UK analyzed data from 48 separate surveys on age, race, and gender to discover that young white men have the worst reputation.

According to YouGov UK, “We explored attitudes to 48 different groups. We looked at each combination of eight ethnic/national groups, three ages (twenties, forties and sixties) and the two genders. For each group we asked respondents how likely they were to possess each of five positive qualities, such as intelligence and honesty, and five negative qualities, such as violence and drunkenness. “

Young white men in their 20s received the worst scores in regards to drunkenness, promiscuity, and politeness. Young white men were also tied with young black Caribbean men for propensity for drug-usage. As well, young white men were ranked the second worst for inclination towards hard work (behind Muslim women in their 60s) and likelihood to help others (behind Pakistani men in their 20s).

Young black Caribbean men in their 20s were ranked the second most derided, followed by young white women in their 20s.

White women in their 60s, white men in their 60s, and Chinese women in their 40s were the three most revered groups of people.

(Image source: YouGov)

Since immigration from Eastern Europe is a controversial political issue in Britain, the YouGov poll also compared the opinions of young white men in their 20s to Polish-born men in their 20s.

Polish-born men in their 20s fare better in regards to being polite, helpful to others, and hard-working.

(Image source: YouGov)

According to YouGov, if young Polish men are “stealing” jobs from young white British men, the results of the findings mean it is because “we hold young Polish men in much higher regard.”

While white men in their 20s had the lowest overall score and the highest negative average, Pakistani men in their 20s had the lowest positive average.