Poll: 64% of Voters Say the Media Are More Divisive Than Trump

Alex Hall | November 1, 2018
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According to a fresh Politico/Morning Consult poll, a plurality of Democrats and a vast majority of Republicans believe the media does more to divide the country than President Trump himself. 

"Sixty four percent of voters told Politico/Morning Consult they believe the media has done more to divide the country than unite it, compared with 56 percent of those who responded similarly when discussing Trump," the Daily Caller noted. "Opinions on divisiveness diverges significantly along party lines with the vast majority of Democrats believing the president is responsible for dividing the country and a slight majority of Republicans believing he has done more to unite it."

This poll comes at a time when America seems spectatularly split over matters from foreign policy to the most fundamental assertions over borders and gender differences. Many in the media seem to condemn President Trump for division while being spectacularly divisive themselves. MRCTV recently covered such an example in which CNN anchor Don Lemon said that there must be an end to demonization of people, following it up in the same breath by insisting white men are the biggest terror threat. 

Trump has come under fire recently for statement's he's made condemning liberal media pundits who spread misinformation.


One should note that even the term "fake news" first emerged from left-wing sources immediately after Democrats lost the 2016 election, scapegoating Russian hackers and Facebook ads instead of looking inwardly at how they alienated working class people who once supported Obama, and have since flocked to Trump. In true Trumpian fashion, President Trump turned this "fake news" moniker back on the people who spread it, insisting they were the ones who were deliberately misinforming people.

In response, anti-Trump media sources then claimed Trump was emulating the Nazi-era slur of "lugenpresse" (lying press), as if they hadn't tried to spread this "fake news" term in the first place.

The Washington Post, comically, had an article saying they had to retire the term "fake news" after it has been successfully used against them. 

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