Politico Claims Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal 'Fizzled,' Despite Participating In Deflection of Details

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 9, 2020


It’s always educational to watch how pop media outlets cover the content of scandals and/or, how they avoid the content, and, instead, concentrate on the political handling of the content.

Because, of course, the latter is, itself, a factor of the political handling, rather than real reporting.

And so one can tip the hat to Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak, who noticed that the left-establishment Politico wrapped up its non-coverage of the actual Biden Laptop scandal with a pretty little bow:

Politico reported Sunday morning that the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop — and the emails connecting Joe Biden to his son’s business interests — ‘fizzled.’ Curiously, the outlet did not notice that the story had been censored by the media and big tech.

Indeed, one of the biggest recent stories of media censorship – that being the Twitter blackout of The New York Post when the newspaper revealed the shocking emails, photos, and verified evidence trail of the Hunter laptop – has, itself, been overlooked by Politico.

As Pollak notes:

Moreover, Politico fails to note that the Hunter Biden storm was actively suppressed by Twitter, Facebook, and the media, with the New York Post suspended from posting anything on Twitter for more than two weeks based on the false claim that materials on the laptop had been ‘hacked.’

But, what would one expect from the consistently disappointing Politico, which was co-founded by Robert Allbritton (who is so enamored with deceptive socialist Lyndon Johnson that he’s on the Board of Directors of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation) and which has as its former president, Jim VandeHei, currently CEO of Axios.

And, as such, would it come as a surprise to find that, as one flips through page after page of their website, searching for stories about the actual content of the Hunter Biden laptop, one finds, almost entirely, not stories about the verified contents? Would it shock anyone to discover that Politico overwhelmingly avoided the actual contents of the laptop, including photos of the junior Biden with what looks like a crack pipe in his mouth, emails detailing alarming deals with Chinese business interests and possible references to the influence his then Vice-President dad might have had to help him, but, instead, Politico spewed out stories on how political forces were handling what it portrayed as an unfounded scandal?

Kyle Cheney and Andrew Desiderio offer this at Politico:

Trump pushed two factually challenged narratives about Biden in the waning weeks of the campaign. In one, Biden was a mastermind of an effort to spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign, collaborating with top intelligence officials to derail Trump’s incoming administration. In the other, Biden was the secret beneficiary of multi-million-dollar business deals with shady foreign interests carried out by Hunter Biden.

But, as Breitbart’s Pollak correctly observes:

In fact, no one suggested that Biden was a ‘mastermind,’ but Biden has never explained his presence at an Oval Office meeting where the investigation into Michael Flynn was discussed — an investigation that the FBI already knew had no legitimate reason to continue. Biden also was among those Obama administration officials who ‘unmasked’ Flynn’s name in intelligence reports.


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Those facts don’t seem to be relevant to Cheney and Desiderio at Politico.

And Pollak adds:

As for the Hunter Biden story, there was ample evidence that Joe Biden knew — contrary to his earlier claims — about his son’s dealings, and that Hunter Biden’s position on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma posed a conflict of interest. Several Obama administration officials admitted that they had raised the issue themselves.

But all of it is somehow unimportant to Politico. Instead, the simple curiosity about it is depicted as part of some scheme to undermine Smokin’ Joe. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, Dorothy, and don’t let your dog get near the fabric to tear it away.

And, by no means should one look back further in time to the months preceding Hunter’s appointment to the Burisma board, when the Obama administration was intimately involved with the overthrow of the elected President of Ukraine in late 2013. That would be a time period when the Obama admin clearly wanted to isolate Russian energy exports to and through Ukraine and the Crimean Sea, just as the U..S has, for years, been trying to stop a Russian-Syrian gas pipeline from bringing low-priced fuel to Europe.

And that would be a time period when, prior to Joe’s son magically being placed on the board of Ukraine’s biggest state-created energy corporation, a key spot to give Hunter power over Russian energy imports to that nation, Vice President Biden got all pal-sy with a real Ukrainian neo-Nazi by the name of Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of Ukraine’s socialist/fascist Svodoba party.

All of this is real. All of it is verified. Biden is in photos with Tyahnybok. Tyahnybok is a fascist.

But don’t ask Politico about any of that. And, likewise, don’t ask about Hunter getting into such an important position after his father hung out with Ukrainian fascists. That would be bad press, and it seems that Political only wants the Biden family to look squeaky clean.

We know that Hunter Biden’s laptop was recovered, and reams of questionable information have been revealed. But don’t ask Politico, because that would be bad form.

And don’t pay any attention to how social media blocked the story from being seen. Just call it a “fizzle,” because it’s easier to let Politico think for you, and it hides the important fact that certain social media sites block real stories from reaching real people.

They must like imagining themselves as “gate-keepers.” But free people don’t need “gate-keepers” in front of their minds.

We have open minds. We can read, and we can decide for ourselves.