Politico Author Accuses the President Of Targeting Black Women

ola olugbemi | November 2, 2017

Why does it seem like political commentators who claim to reject racism never miss an opportunity to make an issue strictly about race -- especially when race may have nothing to do with the issue at hand?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that what they're doing is racist as well, but they would rather play the role of victim.

A case in point comes from author and political strategist, Sophia A. Nelson, who also happens to be a black woman.

Nelson wrote an article for Politico last Thursday titled, “What’s Trump’s Problem With Black Women?” and right from the get-go, she assumes that President Trump targets black women specifically in some calculated quest to keep them down.

She must have reasons to back up her claims, right? Surely she wouldn’t just throw the race card around willy-nilly and expect readers to accept her words as the gospel truth. 

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she does.

The article is filled with instances of the President singling out women who happen to be black for criticizing his performance, rhetoric, and policies. She references examples of the President’s verbal fights with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and Myeshia Johnson, ESPN’s Jemele Hill, and White House correspondent April Ryan in an effort to show that his disdain for them is somehow different than for others.

It seems as though Nelson forgot to include the dozens of other feuds the President's engaged in, spanning a wide variety of ethnicity, age, and gender. Lest we forget, the President’s criticisms include “Lyin’” Ted Cruz, a white male, “fake tears” Chuck Schumer, also white and male, and “low energy” Ben Carson, a black man that now holds a position on Trump’s cabinet bench.

What do all of these people, referenced by Nelson and myself, have in common? They have all tried to criticize President Trump. Forget the idea that the President is somehow targeting black women in particular. It seems like when it comes to fighting back, the President does not choose to discriminate.

As for Nelson, the same thing that she accuses the President of could very well be asked of her, as she stated, “I saw the [Republican] party become more and more monolithically white, Southern, conservative and reactionary. So I ask, Ms. Nelson, why are you targeting white Republicans? 

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)