POLITICAL TERRORISM: Domestic Left-Wing Bomber Brett Kimberlin, His Allies, Soros and Their Use of Intimidation to Silence Conservatives

Joe Schoffstall | May 25, 2012
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Who exactly is Brett Kimberlin and company? There's a strong chance you may have heard of him this past week. If not, he is a convicted bomber turned notorious left-wing strong-armer. Kimberlin, along with his allies, have been using relentless tactics in hopes of silencing Conservatives who dare write about him or call him and his cronies out for who they really are. 

They've been accused of using lawsuits, slander, threats of violence, cyber stalking and have even gone as far to use what's known as "SWATting", or calling police as the person they are trying to frame saying they have murdered someone. In turn, a SWAT team shows up at the house of the individual with guns drawn and takes the person into custody. An act which could potentially cost someone their life.

Case in point: Patterico- who was almost killed for blogging. I can't tell their story as well as them (obviously), so be sure to go back to their links to read up on their encounters. I will also place them at the end of this post.

Patterico wrote a very detailed piece about his experience with these thugs. He writes in his post " Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism":

You’re about to listen to one of the most bone-chilling pieces of audio you will ever hear. At least, it was to me when I first heard it.

It’s a phone call that could have gotten me killed.

In this post you will hear that audio clip. You will also read about a months-long campaign of harassment carried out by at least three individuals: Ron Brynaert, Neal Rauhauser, and Brett Kimberlin — much of it directed at critics of Brett Kimberlin. This harassment includes repeated references to critics’ family members, workplace complaints, publication of personal information such as home addresses and pictures of residences, bogus allegations of criminal activity, whisper campaigns, frivolous legal actions, and frivolous State Bar complaints.

And finally, you will hear a comparison of one of those men’s voices to that of the man who made the call that sent police to my home. And you’ll read a declaration from a forensic audio expert comparing those two voices.



In the last radio interview Andrew Breitbart ever gave, on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Breitbart talked about a new ruthless tactic used by thugs against political opponents:

[O]ne of the things they’ve done to people who have worked with me in the past, including an L.A. prosecutor, is to “SWAT.” That means that they’re spoofing phones, pretending to be somebody else’s phone, calling 911, and saying “I killed somebody” and then the person’s home is met with the guns drawn, the SWAT and the helicopters, in a horrifying act. It’s happened twice: once in New Jersey, once in Los Angeles, with an L.A. County . . . prosecutor who [is] associated with me.”

I am that L.A. County prosecutor. And in this post, you’ll hear the hoax call that sent police to my house, pointing loaded guns at me.


Continue reading HERE:

Patterico is not the only person who has come into contact with these goons.

Stacy McCain, blogger at The Other McCain and The American Spectator, recently had to pick up and move out of Maryland due to threats. Aaron Walker, a Conservative blogger and attorney, was heavily threatened and was fired from his job because his employers were worried about someone strapped with a bomb coming to their building and blowing it up. His wife also lost her job. Walker had a run in with the madman- in which Kimberlin lied and said he was beaten by Walker. Kimberlin then filed a lawsuit, which was ultimately tossed out of court after the security video of the incident surfaced proving Walker's story to be true. Liberty Chick, who works at the Breitbart empire, also had experiences with this group.

Now, what does left-wing mega donor George Soros have to do with Kimberlin and his group of 'laptop gangsters' who hide behind the comfort of litigation and the internet to achieve their goals? He FUNDS the 501(c)3 non-profit Kimblerin started called 'Justice Through Music'. Tiffany Gabbay over at The Blaze writes, "Since 2005, JTM collected $1.8 million in contributions from an illustrious list of donors including the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation, liberal songstress Barbara Streisand and John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz-Kerry."

She also gives succinct bullet points on Kimberlin which serve as a CliffsNotes guide to the sociopath:


  • Drug dealer, alleged child molester, and convicted perjurer, forger and Indiana Speedway Bomber (who is also believed to have played a role in the assassination of a grandmother), Brett Kimberlin spent 17 years in prison before his ultimate re-absorption into American society
  • He started a non-profit dubbed “Justice Through Music (JTM)” that has, since at least 2005, been funded by George Soros’ Tides Foundation and Barbara Streisand among other leftists
  • Along with his associate, Kimberlin also started an organization called “Velvet Revolution” that supports the Occupy movement 
  • JTM’s goal is to use music to foster “social justice” and fight Republican “voter fraud” (like the kind George Bush allegedly used to “steal” the Florida election)
  • Any blogger — conservative and liberal alike — who has written the truth about Kimberlin has come under vicious attack by either Kimberlin or his minions, suffering death threats (veiled and unveiled), multiple lawsuits, loss of jobs and worse
  • He has filed over 100 frivolous lawsuits against anything that isn’t nailed down and somehow is being allowed to continue unchecked 
  • This story has never been reported on in the mainstream media

I just intended this to be an introduction to these scumbags. Stephen Gutowski will be following up with another post. Be sure to click on the links to read more:


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5. Aaron Walker's blog detailing his experiences


UPDATE: This is a video which includes the call to the police which reports the fake shooting dealing with Patterico. Read all of the details at Patterico's blog.