Political Expert Ben Affleck Accuses Republicans of Gerrymandering; Meanwhile, In Maryland...

Brittany M. Hughes | December 8, 2021
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In case you were unclear on this point, Hollywood celebrities are not political experts.

And, in case you needed further proof of this rather obvious claim – which, apparently, some do – here’s Ben Affleck, “Gigli” star and ruiner of Batman, accusing Republicans of “gerrymandering” to “dodge the consequences for their actions” by disenfranchising certain populations.

"It leads to hyperpartisan politics where special interests rule and party extremists are incentivized instead of common sense and finding common ground and compromise, and a lot of this we're seeing in our country today," Affleck said during a virtual fundraiser hosted by Hillary Clinton and her “Onward Together” group to rant about voting rights and the supposed GOP efforts to suppress certain minority voices.

Because, as we all know, when we want to hear someone parcel out the particulars of congressional districting, we turn to the guy currently most famous for dating Jennifer Lopez.

It seems Affleck doesn’t follow much Maryland news, given that the state’s controlling Democrat – not Republican – lawmakers are now catching flak for chopping up their own congressional districts like shredded lettuce in one of the most brazen displays of political gerrymandering this side of 1812.


Thanks, Ben. The actual experts will take it from here.


(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)