Police Help Save Animals with Wildfire 'Yards Away'

Nick Kangadis | August 13, 2018
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The California wildfires have produced a lot of sad stories for people in the Northern part of the state. But, there was one positive story that will have animal lovers smiling.

Officers in the Vacaville Police Department (VPD) raced against the clock to save an estimated 60 animals from the SPCA of Solano County shelter on Friday. The wildfires were reportedly “within yards” of the shelter while local law enforcement rushed to evacuate the dogs and cats inside.

Here’s video of the officers rescuing the animals:


“As the Nelson Fire raced towards the south end of town, it looked like the Solano SPCA would be the first to be hit by the flames,” the Vacaville Police Department said on their Facebook page. “Our officers worked with Humane Animal Services, SPCA staff and volunteers to evacuate all they could in a race against the clock.”

The VPD also included a statement from the SPCA of Solano County stating that a few cats and a volunteer — who went into the building illegally after authorities evacuated — were all found to be safe once the building was “deemed safe.”

“We are extremely lucky and thankful to the fire departments and police departments who were on site last night and on the front lines,” the SPCA’s statement read. “Thank you!”

You don’t have to be a whacked-out member of PETA to be an animal lover. Good on these officers for working as diligently as they could to save all of those dogs and cats.

H/T: Daily Mail