Police Enter Tim Pool's Studio During Live Broadcast After 'Swatting' Call

Nick Kangadis | January 7, 2022
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Some people are sick, and it seems those people feel there are no repercussions for their actions — probably because these days there are little to no consequences for committing crimes. It’s the America President Joe “Beijing” Biden has created in the far-left’s image.

During his Thursday evening livestream of the “Timcast IRL Podcast,” police entered Tim Pool’s studio after someone called in a phony double homicide claim to authorities, also known as “swatting.”

For context, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, swatting is “the action of making a false report of a serious emergency so that a SWAT team (= a group of officers trained to deal with dangerous situations) will go to a person's home, by someone who wants to frighten, upset, or cause problems for that person.”

Because the incident occurred live, it was caught on camera and the discussion surrounding it that followed.


Pool also tweeted about the situation:



Thank God the officers used their best judgment, because a swatting situation can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, with the property owner possibly thinking that intruders have entered their residence.

Everyone ended up safe, but it could’ve been a lot worse. People have died because of these false reports.

According to former police officer and conservative commentator Brandon Tatum, who was Pool’s guest Thursday night, swatting is a "felony" that can result in a "healthy penalty."

“It’s a healthy penalty if you get caught swatting,” Tatum said. “That’s a felony crime, and you can spend years in jail over it, because the inherent risk.”

For now, everyone should just take solace that no one was hurt in this case. It could’ve been much worse. It’s still a scary ordeal, though.