Police Dump 60-Year-Old All-Male Choir For Not Accepting Females

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 6, 2018
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In what many traditionalists could see as another sign of the End-of-Days, the 60-year run of the Derbyshire Constabulary Male Choir is ending – because the all-male choir won’t accept females.

Sure, it’s kind of like a green grocer trying to sell oranges for lemons, but this is the political world. Things might not seem so clear-cut to social justice warriors whose knickers get in bunches upon seeing society acknowledge differences or separations between men and women.

And, get this, the social justice warriors might have a valid point – though it’s doubtful they realize what that point actually is.

According to Stephen Walter, of the Telegraph, the sixty-year run of the Derbyshire Constabulary Male Choir will end because:

(T)he force's Chief Constable Peter Goodman says he can 'no longer support' the organization…

And at first blush, this seems rather sad and weak, a capitulation to dumb postmodernism.

As Mr. Walter observes:

It has left many (of) its members "heartbroken" and believing they are the victims of "political correctness."

An understandable reaction.

Unless, one understands the general trend of political-economics, and, specifically, what is called the “Tragedy of the Commons.” The Tragedy of the Commons dictates that anything not privately owned – in other words, anything run by the polis through taxpayer funds – will pit people against each other. Anyone who pays into the system will claim to have a say on how it will be used. Likewise, people are incentivized to use public resources quickly, with no regard for husbanding those resources as they would their own, personal investments, so public resources get depleted rapidly.

In fact, as one looks at this story, he sees the title of the group saying a lot. It’s not the term “male” that jumps out, but the word “constabulary.” If this is a police choir, then it’s a case of the Tragedy of the Commons, and, as much as some traditionalists might not like it, the taxpayers are all paying for it – taxpayers who include females, and those who might want females in the choir. As anyone else who might pay taxes, they have a justified beef with the choir not operating the way they want it to.

As one can see, this tends to lead to a reductio-ad-absurdum, an inevitably absurd conclusion whereby nothing can be done because everyone has different agendas for the public cash.

But, there is a twist here. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the choir is a civilian group, so they should be able to be all-male if they want to be, and a female group can be all female.

Sadly, even those parameters of simple respect for private consensual arrangements have been destroyed in the West, as privately owned men’s clubs and workout facilities have been forced to admit women (yet women’s clubs and workout facilities are often hypocritically seen as oases for women to “get away” from males, and off-limits to men).

The Derbyshire Constabulary Male Choir is not actually composed of cops. It’s just a group of local blokes who like to sing, who practice at a police station, and who, as part of their gimmick, dress in coppers’ garb. Over the years, they have raised thousands of Pounds for charity, and helped cement a positive relationship between the police and the community at large.

One choir member said, "For 62 years this choir has done nothing but good work for the force and charities, but now we are being told the police don't want to be associated with us... it's hard after all these years being told you're no longer wanted. We've never hidden the fact we're a male voice choir, it's just a nonsense."

It certainly seems to be. Choir Chairman Kevin Griffiths noted that the police Chief, Con Goodman, wanted to give the police an image of being “more inclusive,” and that this new move might force the Choir to recruit up to 50 female members. Costs for such changes would be prohibitive.

So, the Choir will have a new name and will drop the coppers tunics from now on.

A sad outcome for a group that has helped a lot of charitable causes since 1956.

Yet, it might be better this way. For, in fact, when it comes to learning lessons about how government works, this is frustrating, but perfect, example. In fact, despite it become composed of civilians, the Derbyshire Constabulary Male Choir was using taxpayer-funded shelter in which to practice, was wearing official cop attire, and was using the name of a taxpayer-supported organization. By any measure, taxpayers had a right to ask for a change.

The fact that it appears the actual taxpayers were not upset by the name of the group, and that it was the politically-correct agenda of the chief that pushed for inclusion of females in an all-male choir? That just seems to be part-and-parcel to the sorry, soul-crushing, and blind trend towards uniformity in politics – a road leading to nihilistic entropy.

But a road that is part of government DNA, dictated by the Tragedy of the Commons, and by the seizure of taxpayer funds in the first place.

(Cover Photo: Facebook/Derbyshire Constabulary Male Choir)