Podcaster Equates Trans Worldview with Religion: 'Based on Faith,' Does 'Not Require Evidence'

Sarah Merly | May 24, 2023
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During a stint on TalkTV, journalist Konstantin Kisin rebuked the belief that the trans worldview is based on science.

“It’s a religious worldview whereby your beliefs do not require evidence,” affirmed Kisin. “They’re based on a faith, right, and that’s how these people think.”

This bold statement followed Piers Morgan’s interview with trans activist Riz Possnett. When Morgan asked Possnett her opinion on men competing in women’s sports, she deflected on multiple occasions.

“With regard to a debate, first of all, I don’t believe that trans lives should be a debate,” said Possnett.

“No one’s debating trans lives,” said Morgan. “[I]f you’re going to stand there now on television and say that you believe what’s happening now in women’s sport, for example, is anything but grotesquely unfair and unequal, then say so, if you genuinely believe it.”

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After discussing the “inequality” of trans “violence,” Possnett briefly answered Morgan’s query concerning women’s sports. 

“That’s not happening.” Possnett said.

“Oh, it’s not happening,” repeated Morgan. “All right. You’re obviously not reading the papers. You’re not watching TV. You are totally oblivious to the reality of what’s happening….Ignorance is bliss, right?”

Morgan’s exchange with Possnett is yet another manifestation of the chaotic and unseemly mix of victimization and incomprehension that dominates LGBTQIA+ propaganda. As much as we are tempted to name-call, simply speaking common sense and being aware of the cultural moment are often much more effective. The LGBTQIA+ god of self, as he wields his handy mental blindfold, just can’t take it.

For the full interview between Morgan and Possnett, along with Kisin's comments, watch below:



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