Play Biden’s Words Back At Him: Sen. Wants End Of COVID Emergency Powers

Eric Scheiner | October 4, 2022
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Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KY) wants the COVID-19 emergency declaration terminated.

“It is this declaration, coupled with other additional emergency powers currently invoked by the President, which this administration is using to supersize government. In order to continue their reckless inflationary spending spree and enact their radical partisan agenda,” Marshall said on the Senate floor last week.

“In fact, the White House uses these emergencies to justify their inflationary out of control spending, their unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates, and to forgive student loans,” Marshall added.

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Marshall pressed the Senate to approve a resolution to terminate the emergency powers, repeating Joe Biden’s words on the floor.

“Even President Biden recently acknowledged during a 60 Minutes interview that the ‘pandemic is over.’”

Senate Democrats blocked Senator Marshall’s resolution.

It seems the pandemic may be over, but there is no vaccination to protect yourself from Biden’s claim to emergency power and mandates.

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