Planned Parenthood’s Newest ‘Profit-Grab?’ Transitioning Children

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 12, 2022
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Planned Parenthood has resorted to mutilating already born children after the possibility to kill unborn children has started to dwindle.

It may not make long-term business sense. The more people that destroy their sexual organs and systems, the fewer abortions for Planned Parenthood to perform -- and that's where the money is for that "women's healthcare" provider. But an abortion mill has to pay bills like anybody else, and Planned Parenthood never met an unholy abomination it couldn't get behind. So it's now offering “gender affirming” services. A cartoon advertisement promoting puberty-blockers for children has faced backlash on the internet … rightfully so. 

The video titled “Is This Normal? Puberty in Intersex and Non-Binary People, Explained” was posted back in December but has re-surfaced thanks to a group called Inside The Classroom. The group shared a clip of the ad on Twitter and has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

The video encourages children to “put their puberty on hold” so they can discover who they really are. 

There are medicines you can take to delay puberty for a while. They’re called puberty blockers and they work like a stop sign by holding the hormones testosterone and estrogen that cause puberty changes.

Yes, Planned Parenthood literally just likened what happens when a child takes puberty blockers to a road intersection. 

When a car stops at a stop sign, there is a momentary pause of a vehicle. The vehicle then proceeds on with no lasting side effects or negative impacts. 

When a child takes hormones, especially ones that aren’t already dominating in their bodies, or if they interfere with the natural production of hormones, they permanently alter the rest of their lives. 

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Many notable, level headed individuals saw that fact and blasted Planned Parenthood's attempt to harm more children. 

Students For Life president Kristan Hawkins pointed out that kids who “survive Planned Parenthood abortions” aren’t out of the “danger zone.” 

Texas news station WBAP posed the question: “Does Planned Parenthood want to turn kids into lab rats?”

Valid question. 

Former co-host of "The View" Jedediah Bila called it Planned Parenthood’s attempt for “profit-grab."

Planned Parenthood is extremely clear about how it doesn’t value the life, health or safety of children both unborn and born alike. This is just the latest attempt to verify that anti-life stance. 

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