Planned Parenthood Sues Center for Medical Progress Over Undercover Videos


Planned Parenthood announced Thursday that it is suing the Center for Medical Progress over undercover videos released last summer allegedly showing the abortion giant selling body parts taken from aborted babies. Profiting from the sale of human tissue is a federal crime.

Though officials at the abortion giant have been very vocal over the past months in asserting Planned Parenthood's innocence and slamming the Center for Medical Progress for "heavily doctored" videos, this is the first legal action the organization has taken against CMP.

From the Hill:

The organization’s California affiliate has filed a formal complaint against the group known as the Center for Medical Progress, accusing members of violating the laws of three states and federal law, including “secret taping with an unlawful purpose.” 

...“Today, Planned Parenthood is going on the offense,” Kathy Kneer, president of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, said in a call with reporters. 

StemExpress, a human tissue procurement company that works closely with Planned Parenthood, obtained a temporary injunction last summer against the release of several videos showing officials discussing the cost and benefits of selling organs harvested from late-term aborted babies. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ultimately removed the injunction.

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